Molly Lee is the founder and director of Energizing Nutrition…

…an international holistic health and wellness practice. Molly’s passion is helping people thrive to their fullest potential and lead happier, healthier lives. She has been featured as a health expert in global publications such as Redbook, Bustle and Muscle and Fitness Magazine, and is the author of Energizing Nutrition: A New Food Paradigm.

Besides health coaching, Molly is an avid martial artist, trained in Wing Chun kung fu, Brazilian capoeira,  Tai Chi and Qi gong.

Molly’s Story

Although I was an athlete for most of my life, growing up I experienced health problems such as chronic sinus problems, low energy, headaches, bad PMS, mood swings and regular break-outs. Coming from a family of Western medical doctors I was given with good intentions, antibiotics and other medications to remedy the symptoms.

The medicine was unsuccessful in reaching the root of the problem and the uncomfortable symptoms persisted into adulthood. Over time I accepted feeling this way as normal but I knew deep down there were other ways I could heal myself.

My life completely changed once I began my own journey of healing with whole, natural foods. I soon discovered that certain foods in my diet were actually the cause of my chronic health problems. As I began experimenting with eating more whole, fresh foods, I naturally craved less of the “high stress” foods. I also improved basic habits such as drinking more water, resting more and prioritizing time for myself. Slowly but surely, my body began to heal itself without the aid of medication. I was amazed at how simple it was. My energy increased tremendously, my body came back into balance and the symptoms I had become accustomed to my whole life eventually just disappeared.

After healing on a physical level, the clarity I gained from improved eating habits helped me address other aspects in my life that weren’t working. I knew in addition to toxic foods, I had to rid my life of toxic situations like my stressful job and unhealthy relationships. I knew these had to be remedied if I wanted to experience true physical and emotional health. Once I addressed all these aspects of my life in combination with the food part, everything came into balance.

As a result of my personal experience, I became passionate about empowering others who are seeking relief from their health problems. That’s when Energizing Nutrition was born. I love being in a profession which is meaningful to me and am dedicated to helping people reach their true potential in health and life!