How to eat for Spring and Summer? Tune into your body’s innate wisdom

“In the Spring and Summer, the days become longer and warmer. The increased sunlight naturally results in increased energy and a natural inclination towards more movement. Contrary to in the wintertime, eating too many heavy foods and being sedentary during the warmer months can lead to imbalance in the form of sluggishness, low energy and lack of motivation. When in tune with your body, it will direct you towards naturally cleansing foods such as more greens, raw foods, fruit, lighter proteins and less fatty, heavy foods. Your body’s natural motivation for more activity will help the winter weight melt off. Trust and know your body will take care of you when you listen. The inner wisdom exists and when you learn to trust and understand what your body is calling for, you being to create a new food paradigm for yourself – one that is easeful and goes with the flow of the seasons rather than one that leads to struggle and frustration. The answers are not outside of yourself as advertised – they are within: when you simply begin to tune into your body’s natural voice, you will know what is needed each moment, each week, each month, and each season.”  ~ Energizing Nutrition, A New Food Paradigm

 What are some of your favorite Spring and Summer foods?

*Tip: If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to integrating more seasonal foods, make a visit to your local farmer’s market.

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