Spiritual Nourishment for the New Year


Happy woman sunflowers

Happy New Year!  After the holidays, instead of embarking an extreme cleanse or fad diet, consider giving priority to your Spiritual Nourishment.  Examining what feeds you spiritually is essential to creating a positive and expansive relationship with food.  Without spiritual nourishment, no matter how “healthy” we are eating, we can be left feeling unhappy and unfulfilled, like something is missing.

Spiritual nourishment looks differently for everyone.  Taking time to walk in nature, dancing, spending time with beloved pets, even washing the dishes with mindfulness are all acts that may feed your spirit.  Spiritual nourishment can be as simple as carving out ten to fifteen minutes of silent time in the mornings or listening to relaxing music.  It can also involve a more formal type of meditation practice or prayer based on your religious faith.

Take some time to reflect on what feeds your spirit.  What gives you joy?  What are you passionate about?  What gave you the feeling of freedom and happiness when you were a kid?  Experiment with allocating 5-30 minutes for spiritual nourishment each day.  See what happens to your energy, mood, and relationship with food…I guarantee you will see it improve!

~ Excerpt from Energizing Nutrition: A New Food Paradigm 

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