How To Keep Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

CBS New York’s Tracy Dunstan asks Molly Lee about this topic:healthy woman with veggies

A new year brings new chances, changes and a plethora of resolutions. Losing weight is one resolution that usually tops the list. However, as the excitement of a new year fades, it can be hard to keep motivation about losing weight. Luckily, Molly Lee from Energizing Nutrition and Claire Hung from Fit + Flow Yoga have provided five handy tips for keeping the weight off into 2017.


Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Claire suggests that knowing what it means to eat clean is a great way to stick to a New Year’s resolution to keep the weight off. Removing easy access to unclean foods and planning ahead are useful steps in the right direction.

Molly has a similar idea: avoiding restrictive diets or extreme cleanses is a simple way that will help to keep the weight off. Molly suggests upping your water intake, reducing alcohol intake, cooking at home one to two times per week or trying a new exercise class.

Tip 2: Think About Your Food

Molly suggests investing in your health by joining a C.S.A (Community Supported Agriculture) or your local food co-op. Or simply begin buying higher quality food at your local health food store or farmer’s market.

Claire says, “It’s when we are ‘starving’ that we indulge in a fast food bite that is usually unclean and unhealthy.” Find snacks that are the least processed or, even better, not processed at all.

Tip 3: Restructure Your Drink And Meal Plans

Claire notes that going for smaller meals every 3-4 hours is key. Letting your stomach get smaller is much easier for digestion, and also allows you to become more aware of your needs: protein, energy, greens, water, etc.

Molly says one change to make is to lighten up with liquids. Focusing on your liquid intake goes a long way with keeping your weight down. Make it a habit to begin the day with water and lemon in the mornings, which is naturally energizing and cleansing for the body. Have green or herbal tea with a bit of honey instead of fancy coffee drinks, which are like liquid dessert and packed with sugar and unnecessary calories.

Tip 4: Exercise

Both Claire and Molly stress exercise as another tip for successful weight loss, and sticking to something you like works best. Claire says that her studio and classes explore how to challenge all levels, and they help people meet their goals without setbacks due to injury or strain.

Tip 5: Focus On You

Making the right choice on an individual basis is something that both Claire and Molly suggest. Molly especially suggests that those looking to keep the weight off give themselves permission to hibernate and to also focus on how they feel. She says, “In the city that never sleeps, it is absolutely essential to prioritize rest and sleep. Our bodies heal and restore while we sleep, and we need extra rest in the cold winter months. Avoid over-scheduling and give into the natural inclination to hibernate. Stay positive, and let go of the negative self-talk, guilt or pressure.“