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Our relationship with food is multifaceted, and our connection to what and how we eat can influence all aspects of our health.  Author Molly Lee, a certified holistic health counselor and the founder and director of Energizing Nutrition, dives into the world of food paradigms and the ways in which they affect how we feel and live.  Written from her own experience as well as drawn from those of her clients, Lee’s book is an exercise in self-discovery that begins in childhood and moves towards the present.  Along the way, she touches on diverse topics, including mindful eating, bio-individuality, and spiritual nourishment.  Written in the manner of advice from a knowledgeable friend, Energizing Nutrition is not a diet book, and Lee challenges readers to set aside assumptions about what “good” and “bad” eating looks like.  Her juxtaposition of facts with personal narratives seeks to provide readers with the tools to start creating a new food paradigm that may just transform their lives.

Book Review by Kelli Ann Wilson, Taste for Life Magazine

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