Happy New Year from Energizing Nutrition!

2017 was a huge year of growth and transformation for many people, including myself.  There were great shifts presented to us on a personal, family, community and global level, bringing with it a wealth of emotions.  As we reflect upon the past year and look towards the New Year, it’s good to take some time to consider what we have learned and accomplished, and what we are grateful for.

A simple gratitude list could include: a warm bed, a healthy body, access to fresh food and clean air.  These are just a few of the things I’m grateful for.

When it comes to health, think about what true health means to you.  From a holistic perspective, true health does not only include exercise and a balanced diet.  True health means living with joy and a sense of peace and purpose.  As you envision the New Year, what are activities and relationships that invoke these feelings for you?  Let go of the ones that don’t.

When you follow what you love to do, you naturally begin to improve your health and create a positive ripple effect in your relationships, communities and the world.  

I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work in the field of holistic health and nutrition – the individuals I’ve worked with over the years have taught me so much and I am happy to say I love what I do and the people I work with!

As a thank-you, I would like to offer a gift –  a copy of my book, Energizing Nutrition: A New Food Paradigm,  to each person who embarks on a health and nutrition program with me before Feb. 15th.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2018 with great happiness, health, joy and prosperity!


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