What to know about GMOs

Organic fruit label


Start the new year right by upgrading the quality of food you buy.  Do your best to avoid genetically modified organisms which are now prevalent in our food supply.  They include corn, soy, and canola, among others, and all their derivatives.  Follow these basic 3 tips to help you stay healthy and GMO-free:

1. Buy 100% Organic

Look for foods that are labeled 100% organic.  Many organically-labeled packaged foods include only a percentage of organic ingredients.  The labels will highlight the organic aspects while neglecting to mention the other ingredients that can be genetically modified.

2. Know your Numbers

Conventional Fruit Labels: Start with the number 4.

GMO Fruit Labels: Start with the number 8, and are usually, but not always, 5 digits in length.

Organic Fruit Labels: Start with the number 9, and are always only 5 digits long.

3. Look for GMO-Free labels

Buy products that say GMO-free, or non-GMO.  If you’re not sure, avoid conventional products with the ingredients most likely to be genetically modified—corn, soy, alfalfa (in many green supplements), canola and cottonseed oil (commonly labeled as vegetable oil or shortening).



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